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Taal Thok Ke: Why Opposition is unhappy with exclusion figure in NRC list?, ZEE NEWS

ZEE NEWSAug 31, 2019, 19:12 PM IST The government of Assam on Saturday published the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) list amid tight security arrangements across the state. The final NRC list can be checked at or According to the Assam government officials, the list was released online around 10 AM at […]

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2 Million in India’s Assam State Face Prospect of Becoming Stateless, Voice of America

VOABy Anjana Pasricha August 31, 2019 NEW DELHI – About two million people living in India’s northeastern state of Assam face the unnerving prospect of becoming stateless as authorities wind down a mammoth process to identify illegal immigrants. Their names did not appear on an updated citizens’ register published Saturday. Human right activists say they would […]

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हम लोग: NRC घुसपैठ विरोधी या अल्पसंख्यक विरोधी?

NDTV Published on 21 July 2019 राष्ट्रीय नागरिक रजिस्टर में 3.29 करोड़ आवेदकों में से 40 लाख से ज्यादा लोगों को बाहर किए जाने से उनके भविष्य को लेकर चिंता पैदा हो गई है. देश में असम इकलौता राज्य है जहां सिटिजनशिप रजिस्टर की व्यवस्था लागू है. 24 मार्च 1971 की आधी रात तक राज्‍य […]

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‘India should document Rohingya refugees for their protection and discussion with Myanmar’

Suhas Chakma, Director of Rights and Risks Analysis Group, had emphasised on the documentation of the Rohingya refugees living in India. He also claimed that the government of Myanmar was not going to take back the Rohingyas. New Delhi: Ahead of the May 3 meeting between Bangladesh and Myanmar on Rohingya refugees repatriation issue at May […]