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The Big Picture – Human Rights of Security Forces

Rajya Sabha TV
Published on Feb 25, 2019

Date- 25 February, 2019: The Supreme Court has agreed to examine and hear a petition seeking protection of the rights of the armed forces personnel and the security personnel in view of facing agitated and sometimes even angry civilian protestors.

The petition is filed by two young women — a daughter of a retired Army officer, and a daughter of a serving Army officer.

The petitioners are seeking the formulation of a policy to safeguard the rights of armed forces personnel on what all could come under their ambit while discharging their duties in case of facing an unruly mobs or individuals who attack them while performing their military duty.

The petitioners here are citing various instances of violence against Armed Forces personnel… including stone pelting in Kashmir. The contention raised by the petitioners also seek to examine if the cases must also be registered against the perpetrators of such violence.

The Supreme Court while agreeing to examine the plea has sought views of the Central government Union Ministry of Defence, Jammu and Kashmir government and the National Human Rights Commission.

Guest – Lt. Gen. V. K. Saxena (Retd.), Distinguished Fellow, VIF,
Suhas Chakma, Director, Asian Center of Human Rights,
Neela Gokhale, Advocate, Supreme Court,
Kajal, Petitioner,

Anchor – Rajat Kain

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