2 Million People From Assam Now “Stateless”, NDTV


The NRC list in Assam is finally out. So far, what we know is that more than 3 crore people have been included in the final list. Over 19 lakh people have been left out – that’s about 6 per cent of those who had applied. But this is also almost half of the earlier figure which said that 41 lakh may be left out. But this does not mean these people are foreigners. This means that there is a question mark on the fate of these 19 lakh people who have been rendered quasi-stateless. With a click of a button, this, as many have said, is perhaps the largest such disenfranchisement in the world. These excluded people will get 120 days for appeal and if they are declared foreigners, they would be sent to detention camps. Tonight, on Left Right and Centre, we ask, is this the largest number made ‘stateless’ in history?

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