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Assam: The Citizenship Question, NDTV



In less than 24 hours, the Assam government will release the National Register of Citizens, a register that proposes to identify valid Indian citizens and those that the government deems as illegal immigrants. It’s a move that will likely have a profound impact in the lives of millions in Assam and key questions continue to be asked. For example, what happens to those who may have entered India illegally from Bangladesh but have made India their home for decades. What happens to the children of those who may have entered India illegally? Where will these children who have known only one home India go now? Is there a real danger that lakhs within Assam may end up becoming stateless individuals where even basic rights could be denied? Tonight, on Left Right and Centre, we ask, does Assam’s National Register of Citizens create a huge divide or does it mean a stronger India?

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