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The Big Fight: Are Indians racist?, NDTV


Published on Feb 13, 2016
Though we profess to believe in the mantra of universal brotherhood yet there is no denying of the fact that there is a deep-seated bias or prejudice against communities different from our own. Whether it’s the taunt that people from North East hear in Delhi or police hostility towards Africans nationals living in India, these incidents leave a long scar in our collective morality and begs the question whether such incidents are mere anomalies or is there indeed a deep bias in us when it comes to “foreigners”? There are of course cases where certain foreigners are given “preferential treatment” based possibly on the colour of their skin. Do we suffer from a colonial hangover? Or can the problem be traced back to the Vedic ‘varna system’? Is education the best way to rid our society of such prejudices? We debate on The Big Fight.
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