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PRESS RELEASE: RRAG opposes uniform civil code as “McDonaldisation of India”

New Delhi:  The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) in its submission to the Law Commission of India today stated that nothing has changed since the Law Commission’s Consultation Paper of 2018 in which it held that “uniform civil code which is neither necessary nor desirable at this stage” and any other contrary findings shall raise […]

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Two months of riots since 3 May 2023 after the protest by the All Tribal Students’ Union of Manipur over the issue of grant of Scheduled Tribes (ST) status to the Meiteis turned violent, ethnic riots between the Meiteis and the Kukis in Manipur has turned into a full scale civil war, destabilising peace and security […]

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PRESS RELEASE: 194 journalists targeted, eight killed during 2022 in India

The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) stated that a total of 194 journalists including seven women journalists were targeted across India by the State agencies, non-state political actors and criminals, and the armed opposition groups (AOGs) during 2022. Among the States/Union Territories (UTs), the journalists from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) faced the maximum target […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Home Minister Amit Shah Urged To Impose President’s Rule In Manipur To Facilitate Inter-Community Dialogues

The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is visiting Manipur from today, to consider imposing President’s rule in the State in view of the failure to bring the ethnic violence under control following the imposition of Article 355 on 6 May 2023. The clashes including burning of the […]

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सुहास चकमा ने पूर्वोत्तर राज्यों के चुनावी नतीजों पर क्या कहा, जानिए

पूर्वोत्तर राज्यों के चुनावी नतीजों को लेकर सुहास चकमा ने NDTV से बात की. उन्होंने कहा कि बीजेपी ने अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया है. 

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India: Over 10,000 sought refuge in India during 2022

New Delhi, 21.02.2023: The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) today stated that over 10,000 persons sought refuge in India while at least 203 asylum seekers were arrested across the country as Mizoram became the epicenter of refugee influx during the year. By the end of 2022, India had about 4,05,000 refugees i.e. 2,13,578 refugees […]

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Press Release: India urged to process asylum applications of 40 Chin Myanmarese families in Mizoram

New Delhi, 11 February 2021: The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) urged the Government of India to process the asylum applications of the members of 40 Chin refugee families of Myanmar who approached the Government of India for asylum through the Village Council President of Farkawn village under Champhai district administration of Mizoram. “India […]

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COVID-19 lockdown: The impact of Singapore Syndrome in India’s dormitories

Singapore Syndrome’ is all about faster spread of COVID-19 cases during lockdown in situations where maintaining social distancing is impossible like the cramped dormitories housing the foreign migrant workers in Singapore. Places like Dharavi slum in Mumbai are all but big dormitories far worse than the dormitories of Singapore. India’s lockdown has caused the largest internal displacement ever recorded in history and it exposed the migrants to colossal humanitarian crisis not only because of the failure of the government but the Supreme Court to ensure the right to life and liberty, the right to freedom of movement with safety and dignity as guaranteed under Articles 14, 19(1) and 21 of the Constitution and enforce Section 12 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. India must take course corrective measures to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.


PRESS RELEASE: Bihar putting all Indian and foreign Buddhist monks of Bodhgaya at risks of being infected by COVID-19, PM Modi urged to intervene to avoid diplomatic embarrassment

New Delhi, 18 May 2020: The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) today conveyed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that notification of the Government of Bihar to turn all the Buddhist monasteries at Bodhgaya already inhabited by monks, caretakers and devotees into quarantine centres for returnees of the Vande Bharat Mission from Bihar puts the […]